The J-1 visa covers a wide range of available categories designed for intercultural exchange. Enterline and Partners focuses on J-1 training, summer work and high school exchange visas.

J-1 Training- Vietnamese applicants who are selected and issued a J-1 visa for training are matched with a sponsor and employer in which they will receive training with compensation in a specific industry (most often hospitality and tourism). During their time on a J-1 training visa, participants will not only experience life in America but will bring forth valuable experience that they will bring home with them to Vietnam.

J-1 Summer Work- Vietnamese university students have the opportunity to work in the United States during their summer semester breaks. By availing of a J-1 Visa for Summer Work, Vietnamese students will be able to not only experience life in America but will receive salary for their work. This is a fun and exciting option for Vietnamese university students who are looking to broaden their horizons in America.

J-1 High School Exchange- Vietnamese high school students have an incredible opportunity to attend public high schools in the United States as an exchange student. By living with American host families, this unique J-1 program is designed to help Vietnamese students not only improve their English but also experience America as a young adult. The staff and attorneys at Enterline and Partners work closely with J-1 program sponsors as well as Vietnamese students and families to maximize the success of such program.