A Form I-129F is a Petition for Alien Fiance

A Form I-129F is a Petition for Alien Fiance filed through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”). The form can only be filed by a U.S. citizen over the age of 21. Non-US citizens including Lawful Permanent Residents (i.e. Green Card Holders) are not able to petition their foreign fiances.

Before a U.S. citizen can file for his or her foreign fiance, they must have physically seen each other within two years upon filing the petition. Included in the petition is proof of such meeting involving copies of passport stamps showing that the U.S. citizen was in the foreign fiance’s home country, plane tickets, pictures taken of the couple during their meeting, and other forms of evidence showing that the couple has met in person.

In addition to the supplemental documentation which must be submitted, the U.S. citizen is required to certify whether the couple met through an international marriage broker, the U.S. citizen must disclose this information and provide additional documentation such as forms that the foreign fiancé signed with the marriage broker prior to the couple meeting.

How Much is the Form I-129F Petition Filing Fee?

A $535 filing fee must be included with the Petition. This can be paid by either check payable to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or by credit card by using a Form G-1450.

When is the Best Time to Submit a Form I-129F Petition?

A Petition can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Once the Petition is received by USCIS, it will be adjudicated according to the date it is received, or the “priority date”.

Is a G-325A Required for an I-129F Petition?

No. A G-325A is not required when submitting a I-129F Petition. A G-325A Biographical Information form is only required when applying to USCIS for Deferred Action.

Where can I download a Form I-129F?

A Form I-129F can be downloaded free of charge through USCIS at https://www.uscis.gov/i-129f.

Where Do You File an I-129F Petition?

The Petition is filed directly with the USCIS Lockbox in either Dallas, Texas or Lewisville, Texas, depending on the location of the U.S. citizens place or residence.  It may be sent through either the U.S. Post Office or through courier such as FedEx or DHL.  An I-129F Petition cannot be submitted online.

Is a Form I-129F only for couples that are located in separate locations?

No, a Petition can be filed by engaged couples living in the same location.

What Visa Type is Issued with a Successful Petition for Alien Fiancé? Is the Visa Issued Immediately or are there Other Forms to Complete?

Upon approval of the Petition by the USCIS, the fiancé is eligible to apply for a K-1 visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

How Can Enterline & Partners Support with the Form I-129F Petition?

The U.S. immigration lawyers at Enterline and Partners have decades of experience in representing clients in Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan and throughout Asia to file I-129F Petitions and representing our clients in the K-1 visa interview at the U.S. Embassies and Consulates.

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Article last updated: 16th March 2021

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